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I would like at this time to thank some very special people in my life, that has made my life complete.
First, their is my precious wife Kathy of one year in July, that has completed the puzzle of my life so completely. You my love are what I have been searching for my entire life. Other pieces have seem to fit at times, but they didn't, only to have fallen out. I love you Mrs. Raymond, with all my heart.
I would also like to thank my dear friend Donna. I love you my big sis, without your continual prayers, and the encouragement you always gave me, I would not have made it. Dreams do come true my friend, I will forever be in your debt.
Now to my ex-wife Ivy. What can I say for all the years you stayed by my side. Never wavering, always believing, that God had something great planned for my life. I know you loved me more than life at one time, and I was never their for you. Cocaine was my life, I found no time for you, and took you for granted, used you and hurt you. I have asked you many times to forgive me, and I know that you have, because you are God's chosen one. I pray that you find the peace in your life, although you bare many scars, that I have found in mine.
Last I would like to thank Dr. Vincent Terri, his wife and family, the congregation of Messiah Full Gospel Church, for taking me into your congregation, allowing me to preach and teach the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Thank you all for a job well done.
Rev. Gary Raymond