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It is not my intention to insult or degrade AA or NA. If that works for you, praise God I'm happy for you,but this is fact that they teach.
1. Only 10% ever recover, that is one out of 10, not good odds.
2. Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease. Not true- it is sin.
3. Higher Power is what  or who you make it greater than yourself. Their is only One Name given among men in heaven or earth, and that name is Jesus not a coffee cup or your buddy.
4.God doesn't care what we think or what our oppinion is, what we think, is as the stench of filthy rags in the nostrils of God.
I could go on and on its endless, I attended many meetings heard many foolish philosphys, of how God works, He only works one way, and that is his way, the word of God is the Book, not the big book, that AA uses.
I have taken the AA steps which I know were intended from the beginning by Bro. Bill, to lead people to the true and living God,and put the true words back into them.